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Charlene Black
Charlie Black is my father. He knew how to bring the story home to all the people that were waiting on their loved ones. I will always be proud of my dad.

Michael Smith
Bruce.I am so pleased you are being recongnized.I thank you for your unbelievable effort, and the courage you and your people demonstrated.
6 November 2007 - Cornelia, GA

Barbara and John Johns
We are so happy to know that justice has finally been served after all these years! Congratulations to Bruce with our best, best wishes.
16 February 2007

Leon L Collier
Garry Owen
2/7 Cav
15 February 2007 - Killeen TX 76541-8920

Michael P. Enders
WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 2007 More than 40 years after demonstrating the heroism immortalized in the bestselling book and movie, We Were Soldiers Once and Young, retired Army Lt. Col. Bruce P. Crandall will receive the Medal of Honor, the White House announced yesterday. Crandall will receive the nation's highest military award for actions during the Battle of Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam in November 1965. The battle, at Landing Zone X-Ray near the Ia Drang River, was the first major ground battle of the war.

We are all very proud of Bruce and happy for the recognition he is receiving. Charlie Black would be extremely pleased to see his friend so honored. Thank you;

Michael P. Enders
Tracy Black Enders
14 February 2007 - Coventry, CT USA

Al Smith (Fullback one-three) 1st Bde, 1st cav, 65-66
Charlie wrote an article about me making a Med Evac with my little H-13 where I had to hover about 80 feet straight down, drain fuel to be able to climb straight up to get out with a wounded trooper. I still have the paper article. Glad I found this site.
22 January 2007 - Fort Worth, Tx

Michael Gershon
I knew Charlie when I was with the 1st CAV at Ft. Benning. We published our Sky Soldier News portion of the "Bayone" at the Columbus Ledger Enquirer. Charlie taught me a great deal about combat journalism. I can still hear that "snorting" laugh of his, but mostly his wisdom and humor.
28 December 2006 - I now live in Wisconsin

From Garry Bowles, All The Way Brigade
All The Way Brigade
Received this from Duke Dushane A & C Co. 2/8 th (ABN) 65-66. I also remember Sergeant Estelle , he was the most memorable and feared of all the Black Hat TAC NCO's I encountered when I went thru Jump School in November of 64 . All of us in the class nicknamed him " Drop -Drop Estelle " . I can still see him pointing at me with his face scowling and roaring at the top of his lungs drop - drop . At the Benning reunion a group of were standing around at the jump school talking about the things we remembered most of our jump school days . I mentioned the thing I renumbered most was a Black Hat NCO we called Drop Drop Estelle , Duke nudged me and said pointing thru the crowd , "there he is if want to say hello " . I walked thru the crowd and although it had been 42 years stood once again in front of a legend .A great soldier !
Garry Bowles
A Co 2/8th (ABN)

To All,
Our Airborne /Ranger Brother Larry Estelle, a veteran of two Wars passed away Saturday at the age of 74. Larry was known and loved by all who knew him, he was my buddy, we always sat next to each other at the Airborne Walk meetings or any other Airborne event we attended together. He will be missed by the
Airborne/Ranger Community and his 1st Cav. (1/12) Vietnam, 2nd ABN/RGR CO Korea
blue skies forever Brother,
Duke DuShane
Progressive Funeral Home
4235 St. Mary's Road
Columbus ,GA.
26 November 2006
We are continuing to add more of Charlie's articles to the website so if you haven't found the one that is of particular interest to you, we hope it will be one that has yet to be added.
17 October 2006 - CT

Wayne Laraway
I was in the 1/5th Cav. B. company. Charles Black wrote an article in 1965 about a patrol we were on. I was searching for that article. Any help would be appreciated.
16 October 2006

Tracy B. Enders
Gentlemen and Ladies of the Jumping Mustangs,

Below is the announcement of the passing of our esteemed leader and great friend Col. Kenneth Mertel. He now has joined all the other troopers who have proceeded us. We bow our heads and give thanks to God that we had the opportunity to serve and know this great man. May he rest in peace.


My father-in-law, COL (ret) K.D. Mertel, passed away peacefully last night at 2130.

My wife, his only child, is making arrangements. We are planning a memorial service at St. John's Episcopal Church in Hampton, VA on 24 October. You can contact her at 757-650-8021 (cell).

Best regards,

Michael F. Cochrane, Ph.D.
US Joint Forces Command
Joint Experimentation Directorate (J9)
Voice: (757) 203-5131
13 October 2006 - Coventry, CT

Sorry for your time. Why i can't see images on this resource?
My Browser is: Opera.
Thank you.
13 October 2006 - USA

Michael P. Enders
Just in time for holiday gift shopping!

Go Here for Airborne Cav Gear
The site for the All The Way Brigade Airborne Cav Gear is now up and running . Lots of unique Airborne items and one of a kind pins ,shirts and collectable's such as stamps , DVD's , Coins , patches and a great George Cook illustration of Operation Crazy Horse . You can process your order with Master Card or Visa . For special orders or payment by check email me at .
Garry Bowles
11 October 2006 - Coventry, CT

All The Way Brigade Executive Team |
From: All The Way Brigade Executive Team:
Garry Bowles, Bill Lord, Jack Peevy, Ed Polonitza & Jay Snyder

The all the way brigade invites all of our 1st Cavalry brothers from all
units to join us this veterans day to honor and remember all veterans past &
present. All scheduled meetings, meals and functions are available to all who
would like to attend.
For more information, go to the page titled "Related Links"
2 October 2006

Jim Lane
I served in Viet Nam from Nov 66 to Nov 67. I respect anyone who spent any time there especially combat reporters who were with us and kept our dream of getting home alive a reality not a dream. I thank Mr. Black for all he did.
22 September 2006 - USA

Garland D. Schnack
I was in the C/1/7 Cavalry in Vietnam in 1967. I attended my first reunion this year (2006) at Louisville KY. It was great.
19 July 2006 - Independence, Missouri

Willis D. Taylior
God bless you, there are so few that truly care.
26 May 2006 - Magnolia, TX

Warren English
I didn't know Charlie, but I knew Tracy, her sister and her Mom. I am so sorry to hear about her passing. She had a great laugh, and raised a equally great daughter.
11 May 2006 - Belmont, NC (outside of Charlotte)

Michael P. Enders
Received word from Connie Mullins that her husband Bill, A Co. 1/7 Cav 65-66, passed away at 4:30pm today (May 4, 2006) at home. He had been hospitalized multiple times in recent months with congestive heart failure, pneumonia and strokes.

The funeral will likely be held on Saturday (May 6, 2006) in Dayton, OH. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, donations in Bill's memory be made to the Ia Drang Scholarship Fund:

c/o 1st Cav Foundation
302 N. Main St.
Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Cards to:

The Mullins Family
4725 Willowview Drive
Dayton, OH 45439
9 May 2006 - Coventry, CT USA

Tracy Black Enders
I am grateful to all who visit and thank you for your interest! This site is a tribute to my father and a living history that all his survivors can take joy in visiting. While my mother Mary Black just recently passed away Dad is still survived by his two sons from his first marriage Michael and Patrick, my sister Charlene Moore in North Carolina and her two children, and his third wife, Priscilla Black Duncan who resides in Montgomery, Alabama. He has two living sisters, Jean and Ione and several nephews. I am married to Michael and we have two children. Michael is the person who began this site and who has worked so hard to maintain it over time and I thank him for it very much! Please, if you knew Dad and have any personal stories please share them through this guestbook.
17 April 2006 - Coventry, CT

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